Not much news

Hi, things are progressing slowly, I have had my signature on the marriage notice witnessed by a solicitor, have to wait two weeks before I can post it as it has a three months validity period. Celeste is moving to another flat on Friday, quite a stressful time for her, sooner it is over the […]

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Still waiting on summer

Hi, I have seen winters which have had less rain than this, so called, summer. I have been looking out the window for the last hour and one minute there is a lovely sky, the next it is totally overcast, then it breaks up again. I am keeping my fingers crossed for some photos today. […]

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Update on recent events

Hi, a few weeks ago I mentioned that Celeste had to find a new place to stay, well she has. The hunt took her to places that were of the route of her lift to work, or they were on the route and cost far too much. Finally she got a place which is well […]

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End of the road

Hi, can’t get my photos on here so this is the end of the line. All my photos are on my laptop, but WordPress won’t allow me to blog on there, it says my sign in details are wrong, the same details I sign in with on the phone, don’t understand it. I would like […]

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