Update on recent events

Hi, a few weeks ago I mentioned that Celeste had to find a new place to stay, well she has. The hunt took her to places that were of the route of her lift to work, or they were on the route and cost far too much. Finally she got a place which is well priced and on the correct route, the only thing is the room is very small and she will have to leave earlier in the morning, returning later in the evening, but she has privacy, no sharing. She is a bit apprehensive about moving in with new people that she will share the kitchen with, but I am sure she will get on fine with them.

Personally, I am filling in the notice of marriage, which has to have my signature witnessed by a Solicitor, more cash outlay, then I need a Bank Draft, in Hong Kong Dollars, which I send to Hong Kong. I hate forms lol.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

Ben Nevis Corpach Basin Corpach Jungle Corpach Standing StonesThe photos were taken yesterday at Corpach, just outside Fort William

6 thoughts on “Update on recent events

  1. This is great news on the marriage front. Do you have a date set yet?
    And I;m sure Celeste will settle down with her new house mates soon, but understand it is always stressful moving.

  2. I’m sure Celeste will be fine – she won’t be there for long anyway, will she? Photos are lovely – it’s nice to see Fort William in the sunshine! I was once there for a fortnight and the clouds never lifted once!

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