Not much news today

Hi, it is just a patience game now, 9 and a half weeks to go, seems an age. A quick moan about the Post Office. I posted our marriage notice to Hong Kong and took the Track and Trace option to keep track of the item, but the only time it will show up on […]

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Getting near wedding trip

Hi, only ten weeks from Sunday till the adventure begins and we are still unsure of how long we will be staying in Hong Kong. the stay of one month depends on Celeste’s visa, if it isn’t granted we can only stay for fourteen days, but whatever way it goes we should still have enough […]

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Another Grey Day

Hi, all my bank problems are solved, just have to wait for my Bank Draft coming through the post. I have all the marriage registration forms filled in, that is apart from our addresses, form has only got tiny boxes, I will put basic addresses and enclose a separate sheet of paper. The title is […]

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