Why do banks not want custom?

Hi, I have another moan this week. I am getting organised for Hong Kong and my next task is to get a Bank Draft, made out in Hong Kong $, to be sent with the Marriage Notice form. The website states it must be from a bank that is affiliated to the Bank of China, my bank isn’t, so I went to the Royal Bank of Scotland which is affiliated. I was the first person there yesterday morning and told them my requirements, they asked if I was a Royal Bank customer, I was then told they only do that for their own customers, why, they charge for the draft, therefor they were turning down money? They told me every bank can issue Drafts in any currency.

The next episode was a visit to my bank, after about 15 minutes of searching through their computer and making phonecalls they told me they can only do bank transfers, that was no use. I decided to go back to the Royal Bank and open an account, seemed a simple thing to do, I had two items of photographic ID. Considering this is the height of the tourist season, I stood in a long queue to get to the one teller that was serving, she then told me that there was nobody working that day who could deal with opening an account, she gave me an appointment for next Tuesday, no wonder the Royal Bank is famous for being a disaster!

I am no further forward, hopefully by next Wednesday I will have good news.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

Fort William and Loch Linnhe Country Road

3 thoughts on “Why do banks not want custom?

  1. I especially love the photo of the loch with the reflections of the houses in it – beautiful! You have my heartfelt sympathy. What terrible problems you are facing and everything is so long-winded and complicated too.

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