Getting near wedding trip

Hi, only ten weeks from Sunday till the adventure begins and we are still unsure of how long we will be staying in Hong Kong. the stay of one month depends on Celeste’s visa, if it isn’t granted we can only stay for fourteen days, but whatever way it goes we should still have enough time to get married. Once my bank draft is delivered to me I will send the Notice of Marriage by Airmail, then the fifteen days notice will be served before we arrive. We still don’t know what type of accommodation we will be in, my cousin is a very busy person and seems to be in a different country every day, it would be nice to know, just have to be patient though.

We have been getting some good weather at last, went out on Monday morning to photograph the waterfall at Clunes, it was featured in the Liam Neeson film, “Rob Roy”, I then went up to Achnacarry  to shoot the castle, home of the Clan Chief of the Cameron’s, can’t put my finger on it, but not very happy with the results, I will let you decide for yourselves.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

Achnacary Castle Clunes Waterfall Loch Arkaig Outside Cameron Musium

7 thoughts on “Getting near wedding trip

  1. I am so pleased the arrangements for your wedding are gradually getting sorted out. I am also pleased you are getting a bit of better weather at last! The photos are lovely, especially the waterfall. Perhaps the marquee in front of the castle detracts from it a little?

  2. Lovely images.
    If you stand back from the computer screen I think that might give you an answer to your dissatisfaction.
    The first shot is cropped a little too tight. Perhaps it might be improved by showing the sky above the tree (instead of chopping the tree top off).
    The waterfall scene is great too, but methinks you’ve cropped the bottom a tiny bit too near the water splashes in the pool.
    I am currently having lots of trouble with my Sony ‘mirrorless’ camera as I seem to crop my photos differently to my Canon DLSR. Being short-sighted means I’ve only picked this up when reviewing my day’s shooting on the 27″ screen.
    So…..try to include a little more space around your subject (which gives you the option of cropping them in post processing if you so desire), rather than cropping the scene too tightly giving you no option at all. While the photographer’s rule of thirds is helpful to us amateurs (I assume you’re an amateur photographer), this can always be overruled of course.
    I’ve found it helpful to follow a few professional Nature Photographers and get a feel for how they compose their images.
    Having chronic health problems or disabilities makes life a bit more restricted, but Photography is really a perfect past time. I can’t walk too far or do much bending or kneeling, but I can press a shutter button 😀

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