Date Set

Hi, the wedding date as finally been set, after a few setbacks on the Hong Kong end. Celeste will become my wife on Friday 7th November at 14.30pm in the City Hall in Central Hong Kong. Everything is coming together, only thing left to find out is where we will be staying. My, very generous, cousin is a very busy man, he is establishing a new business, this means he is hopping from one country to another, but once he gets a chance he is going to arrange our accomodation as a wedding present, thank you Dugie.

The photos are from the Ben Nevis Race last Saturday, a gruelling challenge to be first to the top of Britians highest mountian and back down to the park.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

Ben Race 2015 Ben Race 2015-2 Ben Race 2015-6 Ben Race 2015-9 Ben Race 2015-13

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