A Blog Got Me Thinking

Hi, still trying to exercise patience, a thing Celeste and I don’t have, the weeks are getting longer as Hong Kong gets closer. As you will have gathered, I have no more news, just watching the calander.

I have spent the last couple of days going through the many posts of fellow bloggers and one opened my mind and got me really thinking, that is a thing I don’t do often, I am sure you will agree.

The blogger is, ” A good blog is hard to find, ” and the topic is plainly about blogging and the worlds perception of bloggers. To sum it up in a few simple words, bloggers are writers, but people can’t understand that people write without getting published, therefor don’t get paid. The, not getting paid, part is the main part, everything must have a price tag nowadays.

I started thinking about why I blog. The main, initial inspiration was meeting a beautiful, intelegent lady, she has a cousin who blogs and she pushed me to try it, she has seen something in me that makes her think I can make it as a writer. She also pointed out it was an excellent way to show my photos across the world.

I thought, why not? I could use the blog as a kind of a diary which, in the distant future, I could use as a reminder if I decided to attempt to write a book, but if I do write a book I don’t know if it will be for profit or just for the ego boost of saying I have been published, if I ever am.

I follow a lot of bloggers, a lot of whom just write their thoughts, vent their political moans, show their wonderful photos, show how to create art in some form or other and some are published authors. Everyone of them has something to offer the world.

I will leave it at that just now, I am approaching an important stage in my life, my forthcoming marriage, after that it will be the journey to get Celeste to Scotland, lots more to write about.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

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4 thoughts on “A Blog Got Me Thinking

  1. I have often thought about blogging and bloggers. I began blogging because I had been feeling increasingly dissatisfied with my life. I live in a lovely part of the country, I am happily married with two daughters I love very much; in fact I am very fortunate but I was dwelling on the duties and difficulties of my life and had almost forgotten to look about me at the beautiful things. I thought if I recorded what I saw each day I would appreciate it more. Not explained very well I’m afraid but I’m sure you will understand. I think most bloggers have needs like me. They are authors who want to try out their writing skills or photographers or artists who want to know if they have what it takes to make a living using their talents. Some people want support as they go through difficult times and others cannot express themselves at home or at work and need to speak to someone. Whatever the reason, I have found most other WordPress users to be really nice, kind people who will encourage and take time to comment and advise me.
    I hope the time flies by for you. Before you know it, you and Celeste will be in Hong Kong together and starting your long and happy marriage! Best wishes, Clare

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