Everything is in place now

Hi, flights booked, Registrar booked and hotel now booked, and what an hotel! The last time, well the one and only time, I was in an hotel with this many stars I was working as a Night Porter. It is in a quiet area, New Territories, but it has a Metro Station next door, 20-30 minutes and we are in the centre of Hong Kong, there are also things to see, and photograph, near the hotel. Dugie Cameron Stan has really did us proud, thank you Dugie, our marraige and future together has been made possible because of your kindness.

Now news on this blog, I am confused. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that this blog would come to a halt on the 7th of October because I couldn’t pay the £78 to keep it going, well I got another email yesterday saying to renew the Scotsphotographer domain name for £22, this I did, but I don’t know if that just preserves the blog without me adding to it untill I pay some more, or whether it carries on?

I haven’t been out for photos lately, I will post one today, but appologies if I put it on before.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

MV Sileas

5 thoughts on “Everything is in place now

  1. How exciting for you both! You can start the count-down now! I wonder what is going on with your WP account – very strange. I expect all will become clear eventually. I am not sure if you have said you’ve asked questions about this on the forum. I have found other WP users there very helpful and knowledgeable.

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