That was some week that was

Hi, on Monday afternoon I started to get a dull pain in my stomach, very uncomfortable, didn’t sleep very well that night. Tuesday, woke with the dull pain, but soon turned to very sharp pain, I realised that it was indigestion, a thing I never had before, it is now caused as a side effect of one of my tablets. I took one of the indigestion tablets I had and took to bed, wasn’t comfortable there, but more comfortable than when I was sitting in the living room. Later in the day the pain was no better, tablet didn’t seem to be working. Wednesday morning the dull pain was back, not comfortable, but better than the sharp pain, still scared to eat and feeling weak, just lying in bed drifting in and out of sleep. Thursday morning the sharp pain was back, this time chronic pain, this was at 1am and my first thought was to stick it out and make an emergency appointment at the Doctors, but I started sweating with the pain, called an ambulance and they took me straight to the A and E Department of the local hospital. I was given air and gas in the ambulance for the pain, afterwards I was thinking that maybe the ambulancemen thought I was pregnant lol.

The hospital staff, with their usual efficiency, soon had the pain under control, what a relief that was. It turned out that the whole episode was caused by my own stupidity, the tablets, which I thought were to be taken when I got indigestion, are to be taken daily and build up in the system, well, one learned the hard way lol.

While all this was going on, Celeste, as you know, is 4000 miles away worrying herself sick and thinking that our wedding would be delayed for another year. I spoke to her on Skype yesterday and explained it was not serious, though she was sceptical that I was just saying that to make her feel better, but after a while she seemed to believe me and the tears started to flow, I think it was the relief, she is off today so she will see the difference in me, no way will the wedding be put off, especially not for a trivial thing like indigestion.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

5 thoughts on “That was some week that was

  1. Such a nasty frightening experience for you! I’m glad you are feeling better and you know the cause of your pain. It is so easy to misunderstand medication instructions/take the wrong dose/take it at the wrong time – especially when you have a number of different tablets to take for different problems. Poor Celeste!

      1. Yes, you must do. At least the hospital were able to get you back to normal quickly and Celeste didn’t worry for too long. Only a few more weeks and you will be together!

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