Happy New Year

Hi, it has been a strange week, on Sunday I set off to spend the week with my cousins, Sandra, Graeme and Graemes wife, Eileen in Anstruther, where they rented a flat for the week. I arrived there to a cold, but lovely day, the trio were out for the day so the camera came […]

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Merry Christmas

Hi, I wish you all a very merry christmas and a peaceful holiday period. Today is Mohamid’s birthday, so my good wishes go to the muslims on this special day for them. I am getting ready to set of for North Ayrshire and Celeste is preparing for her christmas celebration which, in her culture, consists […]

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Not long till Christmas

Hi, just over a week till Christmas, I will be going to Ayrshire , leaving on the 24th, hope the weather is good for taking photos on the way down. Celeste is going to visit relatives too, we will both be in the company of family members at Christmas. The weather here has been very […]

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Blustery Weather

Hi, weather is really bad here, well, it is bad over all Scotland and the North of England, I hope the people that have been flooded out or have lost their electricity supply, get shelter, food and heat immediatly. Celeste is in the process of moving again, the room she is in is to small […]

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Safely back in Dubai

Hi, I just got a message from Celeste that she is at Dubai Airport, safely on the ground. It has been quite a month for both of us, November 2015 will be etched in our minds for the rest of our lives. The first two weeks saw us getting married, living in luxury and seeing […]

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Long fortnight 

Hi, I am writing this quickly as I have my first contact with Celeste Mackenzie since she went home to the Philippines to see her family. She is in Hong Kong waiting for her connection to Dubai, I will explain more in next blog and put photos, I will do that tomorrow.  Thanks for dropping […]

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