Happy New Year

Hi, it has been a strange week, on Sunday I set off to spend the week with my cousins, Sandra, Graeme and Graemes wife, Eileen in Anstruther, where they rented a flat for the week. I arrived there to a cold, but lovely day, the trio were out for the day so the camera came out straight away. We then had a lovely evening in the flat. Monday morning we went to the Scottish Deer Centre, a bit flooded, but a pleasant day. That evening I started to feel unwell and started coughing when I went to bed, had to make the decision to drive home on Tuesday, the flu had struck, I had to leave the great company and come back to an empty flat. I did a lot of sleeping when I got home, as well as chatting to Celeste when she came home from work, she is doing her final preperation for her move on January 1st.

As I write this I am feeling a lot better, still got a bit of a sore throat with the coughing, but a big improvement.

The photos are from Sunday in Anstruther.

Thanks for dropping in, have a very happy new year and take care.

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