Going to buy a potato

Hi, I don’t know if it’s true, but I read that a photo of a potato sold for $1m, wonder if they prefer Kerr’s Pinks or Golden Wonders, maybe buy a selection lol. We might think it is rediculous that photos sell for that sort of money, but when you think of the amount of photographers that put a lot of time and suffer hardships, extreme cold or heat etc, it would be nice if they got suitably rewarded, so if someone thinks a photo will gain value and invests that sort of money in it, all good and well.

Back down to earth now, it has been a very cold week and it has now gone back to the rain, I went out to Glencoe one morning to try and catch a sunrise, when I got there it was a blanket of mist, did get a couple of photos in the lower reaches though, as seen below.

Celeste is working hard and she is settling nicely into the new room, she finds it a bit cold though with the a/c on all the time, I keep telling her she is in the process of getting aclimatised for Scotland. The temperature she finds cold is about 18c, that is almost summer temperature in Scotland lol.

Thanks for droppimg in, take care.

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