Swings and Roundabouts, No, Crevices

Hi, nothing in life that is worth achieving ever comes easy, it is normally one step forward, two steps back, but with Celeste and I it is one step forward, ten steps back! The step forward was, of course, finally getting married last November, the ten steps back is that Celeste is to get made redundant in a few weeks time. If she can’t get another job by the time this one ends, it means she will have to go back to the Philippines. No matter what way it goes, our joining up in Scotland will be delayed even more.

Photos of St Conan’s Kirk, Loch Awe, thanks for dropping in, take care.

2 thoughts on “Swings and Roundabouts, No, Crevices

  1. Oh Ian! What bad news! I am so sorry for you and Celeste and wish that I could do something. My prayers and best wishes will have to suffice I’m afraid.
    What a beautiful Kirk! Your photos are superb as always.

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