Change to save money

Hi, I have now changed my broadband provider, it is quite a saving in my monthly bills. The changeover happened yesterday and, after two hours without wifi, my laptop linked with the new service with no problems, but my phone has not taken to it. I switch my phone off and back on again, it […]

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Weather getting better

Hi, I managed to get out with the camera a couple of times last week, but you will have to wait a few weeks for the results, I have a backlog of photos for a change. Celeste seems to have got very busy at work, but we have to wait till the 15th of April […]

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First Development

Hi, on Wednesday ( 2nd March ), Celeste heard that the redundancy letters would be sent out in two waves, 3rd March and 15th April. The good news is that the 3rd of March has passed and Celeste has still got a job, it was bad news for four engineers though. The thing is that […]

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