Photo Day 21

Hi, that is my Loch Awe photos finished, I stopped at Ben Cruachan Power Station, which was very interesting, but photos are not allowed. I drove on to Oban. Thanks for dropping in, take care.

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Photo Day 18

Hi, just a short blog again. The worries about Celeste’s job seem to have passed, everything has settled at work and she is happy again, I am relieved. I went to the Highland Wildlife Park yesterday, not good photos, more about that when I try to rescue some, it will be a while till I […]

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Photo Day 17

Hi, incase you thought I had lost the ability to write, I just want to say that I am planning a trip to the Highland Wildlife Park, Kincraig today, hope the forecast is correct. I will write a proper blog tomorrow, Celeste is complaining that she isn’t starring in my blogs any more LOL.

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