Think and rethink

Hi, there has been a rethink over Celeste’s visit to Scotland in December, even though her employers give her the airfare, she has decided that it would be too expensive, cost of visa, etc, when we are saving so hard for getting her over here on a permenant basis. It is sad that I won’t […]

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Things moving slowly

Hi, not a lot to report this week, trying to get information, well Celeste’s sister is, from the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs, but the election last Monday has got in the way. Celeste has suggested that, as we won’t be together for another year, she will try and come to Scotland on a Visitor […]

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Hi, forget my last prediction about Celeste being in Scotland by Christmas, on further study of the documents needed for her visa, I spotted that our marriage has to be recorded in Manilla, I thought the Marriage Certificate would be enough. The registering will take six months, why I don’t know, we are supposed to […]

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Photo Day 30

Hi, this is the last of the Photo Day Series, back to my weekly blog now. It is about time I updated you on the slow progress of my wife and I getting together, there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. My forecast is that Celeste will be applying for […]

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