Hi, forget my last prediction about Celeste being in Scotland by Christmas, on further study of the documents needed for her visa, I spotted that our marriage has to be recorded in Manilla, I thought the Marriage Certificate would be enough. The registering will take six months, why I don’t know, we are supposed to be in an elictronic age, but that is how long it takes, then three months for the visa, target is now this time next year.

I am going to use the extra time to save up to pay for the services of Immigration Solicitors, the extra cost will be worth it as they know all the ins and outs of the procedure, the UK Government website is a nightmare to understand.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.


7 thoughts on “More Delays, AAAAAARGGGGGH

    1. It is very disappointing Clare, Celeste is really worried that I will think it is too much trouble to get her to Scotland and I will give up on her. That will never happen though

  1. That timeframe really does sound extreme. Back in the 80’s a friend and I wanted to travel to the Philippines from Japan. We went to the Philippine consulate for visas and were told it would take three weeks, but for an extra 20 dollars we could have it in an hour.

    1. The Aquino administration has cleaned up a lot of that sort of corruption, but as from today, the new president will probably allow it to happen again, the people have elected a real gangster type.

  2. How unfair!!! You must be so frustrated with this whole procedure. When will,it end, when will you be together? You are people with feelings not a piece of paper. Stay strong , you are in my prayers.xx

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