Things moving slowly

Hi, not a lot to report this week, trying to get information, well Celeste’s sister is, from the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs, but the election last Monday has got in the way. Celeste has suggested that, as we won’t be together for another year, she will try and come to Scotland on a Visitor Visa in December, that would be great.I asked her why she would make it December, thinking it was to be together at Christmas, no, she wants to see snow for the first time lol.

The election in the Philippines is in the proccess of producing a very strange result, the President elect is a man that has insulted a lot of other countries in his election addresses, including making a joke about an Australian teacher/ social worker who was gang raped and killed, he said he should have been first in line to rape her as she was nice looking, his followers thought that was funny ????????? The race for the Vice President isn’t decided yet, is between Leni Robrado, a woman that people who voted for Duterte ( the man who will be President ) are also voting for, but she has said, if elected, she will have Duterte impeached, and her opponent, in a very close race, is a member of the notorious Marcos dynasty, his father imposed Martial Law and had Death Squads imposing it, to hide the fact he was robbing the Treasury of billions of dollars, yet people seem to want Marcos junior in to rob the Treasury again ???????????? A lot of the, illgotten, billions taken by Marcos are still not returned to the Philippines.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

2 thoughts on “Things moving slowly

  1. In many ways I’m glad we don’t have a president in this country. Heaven knows who we’d choose to lead us! Nice to know that you may be seeing Celeste at Christmas – there’d better be some snow!

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