Think and rethink

Hi, there has been a rethink over Celeste’s visit to Scotland in December, even though her employers give her the airfare, she has decided that it would be too expensive, cost of visa, etc, when we are saving so hard for getting her over here on a permenant basis. It is sad that I won’t see her this year, but have to agree with her reasons. Celeste is worried that I will lose interest in her because of all the sacrifices that have to be made, but that will never happen, we will be together next year.

The photos below are of a sunrise shoot earlier this week, I went to old Inverlochy Castle for the pics, pity there wasn’t any clouds to reflect the sun, but see what you think anyway. Thanks for dropping in, take care.

3 thoughts on “Think and rethink

  1. They are beautiful shots Ian. The light in them is so lovely I don’t miss the cloud! I am sorry you won’t see Celeste after all this December but it is probably for the best.

    1. Small, fluffy clouds would have made the sky more interesting Clare. We are disappointed that we won’t be together this year, but it is in a good cause, we can be together forever from next year.

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