Open Day Yesterday

Hi, Celeste and I were chatting on Skype yesterday, as usual on her day off, but there was a long period of silence as she fell out with me. I have been trying to hide from her that I was getting really stressed about all the forms to be filled in and the saving money for the visa application next January, this was all made worse by the EU Referendum result, the major thing with that is the thought of Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister. Stress makes my chest condition worse and the thought of the extreem right taking control of benefit and pension payments filled me with dread, the recipients of both are looked upon as non-productive, therefor could be slashed. All this, I am ashamed to say, made me snap at Celeste, so I had to tell her about the stress I was feeling, but, being a worrier, she then stated we postpone her arrival in Scotland for a year to take the pressure off me and help me get my health back a bit, I explained that it would extend the stress.

We are back on an even keel again now, but I think the answer to the EU vote, and the extreem right wing threat, is for Scotland to gain independence and retain our place in the EU. Sorry my English and Welsh friends, but we have to leave your anti-foreigner countries and be a welcoming country, standing on our own two feet.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

Loch Linnhe

14 thoughts on “Open Day Yesterday

  1. Hi Ian,
    thank you for the ‘likes’ and congratulations for your fine photography. Re- the ‘Brexit’ vote, I expect that once the English realise what they’ve done and the problems they would be causing themselves if they were to leave the EU will end up, either de facto or openly, remaining in the EU. The narrow majority that voted to leave (headed by Boris and the far right) have certainly fired you Scots and the Irish up! Good for you and best wishes, Phil

      1. It is possible that what the English did could end up being a good thing for the world because they have given expression to a growing ‘sentiment’ in the West (anti-immigrant/refugee, an increasing tendency towards isolationism etc.). The lesson in this vote is that the world is truly global and there is no going back. Phil

      2. True, the majority for leave in England was large enough to overcome the majority for remain in Scotland and Northern Ireland. They seem to think they still have a Commonwealth that they can exploit.

  2. I understand that the referendum result is not legally binding and that almost none of the mp’s who would need to pass the various changes through the houses of parliament actually voted to leave! It’s an absolute mess. I was shocked and disappointed at how easily enough people were misled by the leave campaign, who have already reneged on a number of ‘pledges’. It’s telling that Cameron hasn’t kicked off the process, preferring to leave it for his successor. Whilst I voted remain, we live in a democracy, so onward and upward. We live in interesting times..

    1. It isn’t legally binding, but can you imagine the riots that will ensue by the Farage supporters and Britain First if the result is ignored? Boris Johnson is now saying that we can have the benefit of the single market, curb migrating workers and not pay for the EU, the man is on a different planet.

      1. There is one good thing that might come out of it, all the market turmoil will be taking a lot of money out of the pockets of the Tory MPs, they might stab Boris in the back because of it, he might not become PM after all

  3. I am sorry your health is suffering Ian. I am an English person who wished to remain in the EU and many of my friends and relatives were with me in that choice. I am very unhappy with the outcome of the referendum and dread the coming months and years.

    1. Hi Clare, we should all be very afraid of Boris Johnson, not just because of Brexit. He is on record as saying he doesn’t believe in a health service that is free for everyone, contrary to the false pledges of the referendum, there are many other things in danger from this extreme right winger. We will all suffer from this result, but you will be welcome in an independent Scotland

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