Boris’s Brexit from Leadership Contest

Hi, the chaos continues, David Cameron started it, Boris Johnson made it worse, now Both have run for the hills. I am really happy that Boris has gone, but a lot of people followed him for his false promise of massive funding of the NHS, announced as a lie as soon as the result was announced, of course it was obvious that it was a lie all along, Boris is on record as saying he doesn’t believe in the principle of the NHS, he also stated that we would appreciate it more if we paid for it. Another Brexit promise was that we would stay in the single market, but curb the flow of migrant workers, another lie, one of the conditions of the single market is freedom of movement of migrant workers. Next is the saving of money by not being a full member of the EU, they are now mentioning the model of Norway’s membership, being in the single market, accepting EU laws, but having no say in any decisions, plus Norway pays more to the EU per capita than we do for full membership. No matter what the negotiations involve, there will be Brexit voters very unhappy.

There is of course the model of having nothing to do with the EU and building up trade with the rest of the world, this doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years, where is the money to sustain the economy coming from?

We all know, with the Tories in power, the pensioners and disabled will be the first to be hit in an effort to save the economy, role on an independent Scotland within the Europian family.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.Loch Eil 1

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