Boredom affecting everything

Hi, I have been stuck in the flat because of the disastrous summer we have had and the need to find new subjects when I get a nice day to go out with the camera. I know that going to the same place over and over again will give different photos, change of light, angle of […]

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In Trouble with my wife

Hi, Celeste has been giving me a row for not blogging enough, the fact that I have a boring life doesn’t stop her. The last couple of days haven’t been boring though, while Celeste was at work I have been out with the camera, yes folks, the weather has improved a lot, should have known […]

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Short blog today

Hi, I have been having computer problems, but all resolved now. Weather still very changeable , managed to get out a couple of times though, first trip was to capture the Jacobite Steam Train at Glenfinnan, hope you enjoy the photos over the next few weeks. Thanks for dropping in, take care.

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