In Trouble with my wife

Hi, Celeste has been giving me a row for not blogging enough, the fact that I have a boring life doesn’t stop her. The last couple of days haven’t been boring though, while Celeste was at work I have been out with the camera, yes folks, the weather has improved a lot, should have known it was going to happen, the Scottish schools go back this week. Living in the Highlands of Scotland we can’t believe the weather forecasts, it is a case of waiting to look out the window and seeing if it is raining or not, this being the case, once I see a clear sky I message Celeste that I am on my way out and just go, when I return I see I have received a message giving me a row, ( jokingly ), for not asking her permission to go out, we are like a couple of kids at times lol. The resulting photos will be on here in the future, I still have more of Glenfinnan for now.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

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