Boredom affecting everything

Hi, I have been stuck in the flat because of the disastrous summer we have had and the need to find new subjects when I get a nice day to go out with the camera. I know that going to the same place over and over again will give different photos, change of light, angle of perspective, etc. but for the people looking at the photos, it will cause them to start saying he is just repeating the same photos, they will unlike my Facebook page, it definitely not increasing in members. I have my really loyal followers, but even those people will get fed up.

Another way the boredom is affecting my life is that when I am on Skype with Celeste, I have nothing much to chat about, I try to encourage her to chat about what happened at her office that day, or what is happening on her Facebook newsfeed, but that doesn’t stretch the conversation out for very long. I have recently started playing solitaire on the computer, it is very addictive, but Celeste, who is a very insecure person at the best of times, thinks I am fed up with her and that is why I don’t chat enough with her, I don’t know the answer!

Maybe, after the bad summer, we will get a good September, I might get some good photo shoots and, with the lifting of my boredom, Celeste will feel more secure.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.


5 thoughts on “Boredom affecting everything

  1. Oh Ian! I’m so sorry you are having such a dreary time. Long-distance relationships are so difficult to manage. I can never think of anything to say over the phone or on Skype at the best of times so trying to be amusing and interesting when unhappy must be really difficult. When you eventually get together long periods of silence will be fine because none of us can chatter all the time and the silence can be companionable. The late summer here has been much better than the cool and wet early summer so I hope you get some improvement. I can’t say that I’d ever get fed up with your photographs, no matter how many times you post similar shots. Each one is different and you have the skill to compose the shot well and get the most from the scene. Today’s photo is gorgeous! I love the sky and the reflections in the water. Poor Celeste! I am so sorry she is feeling insecure; only time will prove to her that all is well.

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