Hi, two years ago today, 1am to be exact, the tears were flowing as I left Celeste alone in our Cyprus holiday apartment, I was heading for Larnaca Airport to catch my 4am flight to London on my way home to Scotland, Celeste’s flight to Dubai wasn’t leaving till midday. Our Cyprus holiday started of as a disaster, we went there to get married, but that fell through, yet it turned out a great holiday! The climate in Cyprus turned out to be great for me, health wise, even though it was 44c when we arrived and never got lower than 33c, we had a great time.

Last year, as you know, we went to Hong Kong, thanks to the generosity of my cousin Dugie, we managed to get married there, which was marvellous, but Hong Kong, COPD and Asthma just don’t mix, my health was bad every time we left the hotel. My breathing problems meant I wasn’t in good form, this spoiled the holiday for the two of us. The main thing was we got married and gave Celeste only a short hop to the Philippine’s to see her family, I couldn’t join her for health reasons.

We are still going through the process of the Report of Marriage to the Philippines Foreign Affairs Department, but, once that is eventually done, we can apply for Celeste’s visa to join me in Scotland.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.


3 thoughts on “Memories

  1. You have both had such a terrible time trying to get married and then live together. Most people don’t know how lucky they are! You have both got to keep going just a little longer then you will be together. My thoughts and prayers are with you both xx
    P.S. Beautiful waterfall photo Ian!

    1. People can’t say we don’t love each other Clare, we would never have survived all the obstacles if it wasn’t true love.
      That is one of my favourite photos, it was taken mid morning, but I used a neutral density filter to get the silky water

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