Weather has been quite good

Hi, this is just a photo post, the weather has been quite good, until yesterday lol. I have been experimenting with ND and polarising filters, have had them for ages, but only just got round to using them. As with everything when using them at first, the results have varied, but I can only improve. […]

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Just a photo

Hi, a break from Celeste and I’s saga, just a photo today. When we start the next significant part of our journey I will blog about it. Thanks for dropping in, take care.

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Refused again

Hi, our Report of Marriage forms have been rejected again, but we won’t need to record it, the UK accepts Hong Kong Marriage Certificates. The first time they rejected our forms they said that my divorce paper and Celeste’s Certificate of Singleness were out of date, they were in date at the time of marriage, […]

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