Refused again

Hi, our Report of Marriage forms have been rejected again, but we won’t need to record it, the UK accepts Hong Kong Marriage Certificates. The first time they rejected our forms they said that my divorce paper and Celeste’s Certificate of Singleness were out of date, they were in date at the time of marriage, they also wanted a form that, according to their website, was only necessary for Filipinos living in the USA. My solicitor also suggested that, as we weren’t together, to send in a notarised form each, they rejected this too, they can’t have a staple gun.

We went to all the expense again of getting the forms notarised and all the courier services, with the new forms they asked for, now they rejected them because we haven’t got an affidavit for a marriage that took place over a year ago, we were married in November! They are just a bunch of idiots.

Moans over, thanks for dropping in, take care.


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