Big Test for Celeste

Hi, Celeste has reached the test stage of her EILTS ( International English Language Testing System), it consists of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Yesterday she took the speaking test, in my view the most difficult, part of it consists of them throwing a subject at her and she has to speak, fluently, on the subject for two minutes, I couldn’t do that. Today she sits the other three tests.

The UK Border Agency website states that she only has to pass the speaking and listening tests for her Spouse Visa, but, as usual, things are very vague, according to the IELTS website there is no such thing as pass or fail! The official result is sent to Celeste in 13 days, but she can check online before that, guess what, it doesn’t say when she can check.

Here we go know with the waiting period, it will be agony for me, but even worse for Celeste.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

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