All documents collected

Hi, been a while, but I have been waiting for things to come together on the visa front. We learned, late, that Celeste would have to take the IELTS ( English language Test ), so the solicitor told me the document that proves my entitlement to benefit was out of date, fair enough, a phone call and waiting for a new letter to arrive, plus the time it took to get from here to Swindon, the latter was only one day as I paid a fortune for next day delivery. That letter was received by the solicitor last Friday, he told me he would make the appointment for Celeste to make the visa application and he would courier the, ready filled in, forms and all the documents to Celeste on Monday.

I waited all day Monday for either a phone call or email to say everything had gone ahead, nothing happened, I phoned him to be told that the bank statements I sent were now out of date also, he got a tongue lashing, why didn’t he tell me that the week before?

Tuesday, I went to the bank and got up to date statement, immediately posted it, next day delivery again.

Wednesday I phoned him again, he told me the appointment is on Thursday 2nd March and the documents would be with Celeste by early next week, at last we are moving forward, all we can do now is wait for the Home Office decision.

Thanks for popping in, take care.

3 thoughts on “All documents collected

    1. Thank you Clare, the application is now in, we will just have to wait for the result. Sorry I took so long to respond, my mind has been so full of everything lately

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