The wait is over

Hi, the result of Celeste’s visa application has finally come through and it is great news.

The way the visa system works though has hit us for six, we thought that once the visa was issued, Celeste would put in her four weeks notice with the company, which she has been with for seven years, and then she would come over to Scotland. It doesn’t work that way, although she didn’t get her passport back till yesterday, the visa was issued on the 24th April and it is only valid for entry to the UK within thirty days, Celeste could only give two weeks notice and will be flying here on the seventeenth of May, what a whirlwind after all the waiting.

When Celeste gets here she will pick up her Biometric ID Card from the Post Office and that will be her permission to stay in the UK for two and a half years, then another application will have to be submitted.

That’s all for now, it has been a chaotic twenty four hours, thanks for dropping in, take care.

Scottish Six Day Trial is here at the moment

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