Celeste on her way

Hi, it has been a very traumatic two weeks since I last blogged. Celeste put in two weeks notice at work and asked them to cancel her Dubai Visa right away, this would give her 30 days to leave the country, but the HR at GGICO said that wasn’t necessary as it would only take one day to cancel it. The days went by and on the morning of Thursday 11th May, the HR announced they had lost her resignation letter and she would have to resubmit the letter, signed by her Head of Department. It so happened that her Head of Department wasn’t coming into the office that morning, he had meetings to attend all day, then he would be flying to Thailand for more business meetings. Celeste was in tears, less than a week till her flight to Scotland and this was happening. She made a desperate phonecall to her boss and, luckily, he hadn’t arrived at his meeting so he said he would call at the office and sign it, I must point out that he is her newly appointed boss and he seems to be as nice as her old boss. Things were back on track, she resubmitted her letter and was told that the process of cancelling her visa would start on Sunday.

Monday 15th May, no sign of her passport, after chasing it up she was told she would have it by 9am Tuesday, meantime she eventually got a cheque for her final salary, HR had managed one thing right, but she couldn’t cash the cheque without her passport. On Tuesday morning, 9am came and went, no passport and the woman dealing with it wasn’t in her office, no way of finding out what was happening, had they lost the passport too?

It was after 11am that the passport finally arrived, big sigh of relief, she left the office and went straight to the bank to cash the cheque and close her bank account. It turned out that closing her account was a nightmare too, she was about two and a half hours in the bank.

I must say though, Celeste has been with GGICO for almost eight years and the company has been very good to work for, her colleagues have been very good too. I must give a mention to Engineer Musa, her boss until recently, he treated her very well throughout her time there. The only flaw in the company is the HR Department, not just for their actions, or lack off, in the last two weeks, but lots of people in the company have had to fight with them over holiday pay and reimbursement of their airline tickets, they are either very lazy, or they are totally incompetent.

I will end with good news, Celeste has checked in at the airport and is eating her breakfast, I will be picking her up at Glasgow Airport this afternoon, Phew.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

4 thoughts on “Celeste on her way

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