Don’t report me missing!

Hi, been quite a while since I have written anything, a bit of catching up to do. Celeste has been in Scotland for nearly four weeks now, we had a small break in Glasgow and we met up with my relatives in the local area. She has also rearranged everything in the flat, more than once, I always have to ask for things I need, I don’t know where anything is, including clothes lol.

The holiday is now over though, she started work this morning as a receptionist in a local hotel, you have never seen anyone more terrified! Celeste has very little confidence in herself, she is sure that the guests won’t understand her and vice versa, I tried to reassure her, but she doesn’t listen to me, she says I am biased.

I can understand her anxiety though, she has a new job in a new country, I think I would be frightened myself. Speaking of myself, I am taking it bad being on my own today, I have got used to Celeste’s company all day, doing photography together, right enough we couldn’t go out for photos today, the weather is terrible!

I will update you on Friday, Celeste should have settled in to her job by then, thanks for dropping in, take care.

One thought on “Don’t report me missing!

  1. I hope Celeste is feeling a little better after two days at work, though she must also be feeling exhausted! I got married for the second time 23 years ago this Sunday. It took me over a year to get used to sharing a house again; I was happy to be married but it wasn’t all easy as I’m sure you both know. Best of luck to you both xx

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