Long time no see

Hi, I have been very lazy for the last few weeks when it comes to blogging, sorry about that.
I have been thinking about the direction of the blog from now on and I think it will be more of an emphasis on the photography side now that Celeste is here in Scotland. I will, of course, give updates on how she is settling here, so far she is loving it, she thinks the scenery is beautiful, she quite likes me too lol.
My next blog will have details of my settings for the photos and the circumstances which led to them being taken.
Thanks for dropping in, take care.

5 thoughts on “Long time no see

  1. I am so pleased all is well with you, Ian! I always thought it must be quite a difficult thing for Celeste to get used to living and working in a different country – I am glad she is loving Scotland!
    I do love your photographs! I am looking forward to seeing more from you and the background to where and why will be really interesting. Best wishes, Clare

    1. Hi Clare, life seems very busy just now and I am very slow in getting round to things, my apologies for not responding sooner. I will be writing another blog very soon, the weather has not been so good lately, but we got out yesterday. Thank you for your lovely support

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