Sunset last night

Hi, Celeste was on late shift last night and the sky looked promising for a nice sunset, it didn't turn out as good as expected, but nice enough.
I drove to the Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge, not many people there at that time of night, but a tourist family made it as difficult as they could for me, they stood close to the memorial and had a long discussion, not showing any interest in the surroundings. I was wanting to catch a starburst from the sun, but I couldn't get the position I needed. This photo was taken as an exposure blend, the light range was far too extreme for a single exposure, settings were; ISO 100 , at f16.
I then turned round and saw the great light on the hills of Nevis Range, they were all taken at the same settings.
Thanks for dropping in, take care.

One thought on “Sunset last night

  1. Beautiful light on the mountains! What a glorious evening for photography, Ian! Such a shame those people wouldn’t move out of the way – the memorial has come out well though, and you did get a little sunburst! 🙂

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