Eileen Donan revisited

Hi, another day out with Celeste, but the weather wasn’t good.

I have a Canon 10-18mm lens in my bag, it was gathering dust so I decided to make use of it yesterday, I very quickly found out why I wasn’t using it. Before I bought the lens, which was very cheap, I watched reviews on YouTube, all said it was a good, sharp lens, it was just the all plastic build that kept it so cheap, they must have been paid to say that. All my wide shots from a distance are very soft, though the close shots aren’t bad. I didn’t use my tripod, but with an ISO 160 I was getting 1/250 of a second shutter speed, fast enough to eliminate any camera shake, the lens is not going to be used very often in the future.

We left home about 7.30am for the 70 mile journey to Dornie, getting there at the back of nine, I was looking forward to a coffee, but although everything else was open, the coffee shop didn’t open till 9.30, we decided to go into the castle first and get some indoor photos, away from the rain, this was another mistake, once we were in we saw large notices, “NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEOGRAPHY. ” Celeste went up all the stairs to view the interior while I stood at the entrance.

By the time we got back to the coffee shop we were hungry, big mistake not taking our own sandwiches, two lattes and two sandwiches came to £14. I can understand that they put a bit extra on to their prices to keep up the upkeep of the castle, but I think that such a price would cause people to wait until they get to a cafe along the way, this would be the castle shooting them self in the foot.

Rant over lol, thanks for dropping in, take care.

One thought on “Eileen Donan revisited

  1. What a disappointing day! The castle looks wonderful – no wonder you wanted to photograph it. Could you possibly part-exchange your lens for another that would suit you better? I am aghast at the extortionate prices in the café!

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