Sad news for Celeste

Hi, Celeste is back in the Philippines for a very sad reason, her mother passed away suddenly on the 1st of September, this meant we had to make an airline booking for the 3rd and she had to get organised for two weeks away. While she was away her cousin’s husband also passed away, that meant two funerals within three days. On top of all this there was a typhoon, high winds and torrential rain, the typhoon has passed now, but she is, at the time of writing this, on an eight hour journey by bus from her home town to Manila through areas which had flooding and falling trees, I will be worried till I get a message that she has arrived at her sisters house in Manila. Her flight is on Sunday, I will be very relieved when I greet her at Glasgow Airport on Sunday night.

The photography has gone by the wayside since Celeste has been away, we have had periods of dry weather, but the light has been quite flat, not good enough to draw me out. Before Celeste went we had a day at Dornie and a day in Oban, Dornie was wet, but Oban was quite nice.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

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