Update on Celeste’ progress

Hi, Celeste made it to Manila safely after what turned out to be a 12 and a half hour bus journey. We spoke last night from the hotel I booked her into, we were on video messenger. I was worried about what the accommodation would be like, it cost £14 for bed and breakfast, but I needn’t have worried, it was clean and the wifi was good, even though the reception warned that it might be quite poor. She was leaving the hotel at 2.30am, Philippines time, so I thought she would have to get breakfast at the airport, no, they delivered a cooked breakfast to her room before she left. I fell asleep just after she arrived at the airport and woke up early this morning thinking that I wouldn’t hear from her till she touched down in Dubai at 8am GMT, you can imagine my surprise when a message came through from her within half an hour of my getting up. It turns out that the posh lady was sitting in business class, she had been upgraded, not sure if it is just to Dubai, or all the way to Scotland. One of the benefits of business class is free glasses of wine, not a great benefit for a non drinker lol, but she is making the most of her reclining, massage seat and the free wifi.

I have been practising flash photography on my cousins dog and new pup, the photos are cute if nothing else lol.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

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