Been a while

Hi, I am not getting out very often to take photos just now because of the weather, but I was out last night. The National Mod is in Fort William and it was kicked off last night with a torchlight parade. The Mod is competition including singing, poetry and story telling in the Gaelic language, people from all over gather for it to enjoy the Gaelic culture, sometimes it’s referred to as the Whisky Olympics lol.

Celeste has settled back in at her job after her traumatic journey back to the Philippines, she is a lot more confident in the work now.

Thank you for dropping in, take care.

3 thoughts on “Been a while

  1. What a beautiful photograph of Celeste! I am glad she has recovered from her difficult return to the Philippines. I have heard what an awful summer you have had in Scotland! I am glad you were able to get out at last to take these photos – I hadn’t heard of the National Mod before.

    1. Hi Clare, sorry I took so long to reply, as they say in Scotland, my head is mince lol. Celeste should be more relaxed in her job after a few more months, she lacks confidence in herself. I should get out more with the camera now, roads are a lot quieter, more of a pleasure to drive to a photogenic place

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