Getting lazy with my blog

Hi, it’s been so long since I have been checking WordPress, sorry for the lack of response to comments.

I have been a bit down about my photography lately, I am happy enough with most of my photos, but my response from social media has been pathetic, my instagram following has rapidly fallen, kind of dents the ego.

Celeste and I have been away a couple of times, the photos are from one of the trips, not even planned this blog, don’t know which trip till I load the photos.

Thank you for dropping in, take care.

5 thoughts on “Getting lazy with my blog

    1. Thank you Clare, just looking at social media and seeing photos taken with the camera on automatic setting getting ten times more likes than mine was getting me down. I have been giving it more thought since and realised that I get a lot of satisfaction from setting up the camera the way I want and then processing the raw files is giving me personal satisfaction, that is the most important thing. Celeste and I have joined Historic Scotland, we both like architectural photography, will be heading down to England at some point too, we get a discount from the equivalent English society.

      1. Yes, I think that is the only way to deal with it, Ian. I am no photographer, I just take photos but I do appreciate a photograph that has been carefully composed and processed skillfully and yours all are. I belong to Historic England and when we come to Scotland next year (as I hope we will do, to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary) we will be using our membership to get discounts in Scotland! I hope you and Celeste continue to enjoy your days out together and that this summer has better weather than last!

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