Been about a bit

4 thoughts on “Been about a bit

    1. Hi Clare, sorry I haven’t been responding to your comments for a while, although we have been getting away for weekends the hot weather hasn’t been agreeing with me, not been feeling very well. You have been having higher temperatures than us, hope all is well with you and your family?

      1. I am so sorry you haven’t been well. The heat has been affecting many people badly, hasn’t it? Yes, we have been having scorching temperatures up into the mid-30’s quite regularly and not enough rain, either. After last year’s wet and cold summer in Scotland it would have been good for you to have had just a warm, sunny summer instead of this heat!
        I am fine, thank you but my husband hasn’t been too well and has discovered he has an irregular heart-rate which slows down and makes him feel faint. He has to see a cardiologist in September to see whether he needs a pacemaker or just more pills! I hope you feel better soon – my regards to Celeste. xx

  1. I wish your husband all the best, it is a long wait for the cardiologist.
    We are going to Fife this weekend, Celeste has a three day weekend, just hope the weather is fine.
    Celeste sends her regards xx

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