Don’t report me missing!

Hi, been quite a while since I have written anything, a bit of catching up to do. Celeste has been in Scotland for nearly four weeks now, we had a small break in Glasgow and we met up with my relatives in the local area. She has also rearranged everything in the flat, more than […]

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Quick update

Hi, Celeste has her Biometric ID Card and, after rearranging everything in my flat lol, we have come back down to Glasgow for a few days as she hasn’t had a vacation for over a year. Thanks for dropping in, take care.

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Celeste on her way

Hi, it has been a very traumatic two weeks since I last blogged. Celeste put in two weeks notice at work and asked them to cancel her Dubai Visa right away, this would give her 30 days to leave the country, but the HR at GGICO said that wasn’t necessary as it would only take […]

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The wait is over

Hi, the result of Celeste’s visa application has finally come through and it is great news. The way the visa system works though has hit us for six, we thought that once the visa was issued, Celeste would put in her four weeks notice with the company, which she has been with for seven years, […]

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Three weeks gone

Hi, that is the first three weeks of our wait for the visa passed, don’t know for certain how long it will take in total. The government website says up to twelve weeks, but our solicitor says it could be six weeks, the sooner the better, the wait is getting both of us down. I […]

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